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Green Carpet Cleaning In San Diego California

San Diego Green Quality Carpet Cleaners

It’s important nowadays to lead as healthy of a lifestyle possible, for the sake of your family, pets, and yourself. If you live here in San Diego county, you’ll know that not only is there a lot of dust and dirt floating around in the atmosphere but we’re right down the street from a gross smog polluter called L.A. So why not look for a green carpet cleaner that offers a more healthy alternative to cleaning other than using all those harsh potentially harmful chemicals that leave residues behind?

It’s imperative that you always seek out a residential carpet cleaning company that is what’s known as being “truck mounted.” Why? Because, these big strong systems or machines have the power not only to provide faster drying times, but the sanitization effect is much more available than with an under-powered portable unit. You can go deep with a powerful machine like that and when used in conjunction with a green healthy cleaning agent, the results can be magnificent!

Truckmount Carpet Cleaning

Truckmount Steam Cleaning Machine
Truckmounted green steam offers up a high degree of heat in order to kill bacteria and various other pathogens. It can kill fleas, mites from dust, lice and a whole arsenal of other nuisances that can plague a household making for a lower indoor air quality. Believe it or not, you breathe in all of that madness on a daily basis because the carpet in your home is like a huge sponge that pulls dust and dirt to it like a magnet. And then, the atmosphere is constantly filled with dead skin that flakes off of our bodies that mixes with the air we breathe so essentially, we are breathing in large amounts of dead skin. Plus, stepping around all over the other human shedding that takes place like hair, cut off nails, sweat, and bodily oils.

What about the pets? We all know already that their fur sheds and have large amounts of dander. But, did you know that their bodies have oils that dirty carpet?

Green Steam For A Quality Result

In cleaning carpets and upholstery, you want to go as green as possible because our bodies have the tendency to absorb all of those harmful chemicals through our skin and pores. This is why utilizing the power of a truckmount machine is so important. They have the ability to extract much more powerfully making for less if almost no chemical residues left behind. It’s a little more involved than what I just described to you because the actual carpet cleaning technician has to have the proper knowledge and work ethic to pull of true quality green healthy cleaning results!

You see it all the time. The carpet cleaner comes into your home and sets up hoses and starts cleaning right away, or what they like to call cleaning. They don’t pre-condition first or even pre-vacuum for that matter most of the time. They mix the soap they clean with the same water they are supposed to be flushing and rinsing your carpet with and this makes for tons of soapy sticky residue to be left behind to dry on your carpet. This is the non-green harmful result you want to get away from. Often times, this approach leaves a carpet sloshing wet for days. This is where the ethics come into play. A truly qualified carpet cleaner trained in real quality will take the time to pre-vacuum your carpet first then pre-condition to properly prepare for smoother steam extraction and rinsing by loosening up embedded soil and grease. Taking it a step further, the quality approach will involve a fast dry time option. This makes for total quality green cleaning because a massive amount of water wasn’t leftover to soak your carpet with, a tremendous amount of harmful soap residue wasn’t left behind, carpets dried fast inside of 2 or 3 hours, and best of all the carpet has been sanitized by the high heat of steam involved.

Green carpet cleaning San Diego is what you should search for when looking for satisfying results, if you live here in the county.